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Board certified in Urgent Care Medicine

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Robert L. Hartzell, Jr., M.D. is a native Floridian, and is board certified in Urgent Care Medicine. Dr. Hartzell enjoys a thriving office practice in which he is fortunate to realize his dream of practicing medicine.

Dr. Hartzell received his Doctor of Medicine from Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, West Indies in 1984, and thereafter completed residency programs at East Tennessee State University and Johnson City Family Medicine Residency Program (where he was privileged to be named Chief Resident in 1988).

Dr. Hartzell’s distinguished career has given him the opportunity to serve in several professional positions: Hernando Family Practice Center, Doctors Family Medical Center, and Doctors at Home. Dr. Hartzell derives great satisfaction from helping people feel better. Interestingly enough, he is also a celebrity of sorts: Dr. Hartzell was involved in an episode of Monster Quest (Monsters inside Me), in which his character (also a doctor) had a patient who was diagnosed with Filariasis (a parasitic condition), and was featured on the program. Dr. Hartzell enjoyed the experience of seeing how a television program came to fruition.

Dr. Hartzell is an avid fisherman, and enjoys boating during his spare time. He is married, and has two daughters. Dr. Hartzell daughters are attending UF- youngest a senior persuing a career in speech pathologist and his oldest attending dental school. Dr. Hartzell joined Access when Doctors at Home (with which he became affiliated in 2008) merged with Access Health Care. He is a valued part of the Access family, and we are fortunate to have Dr. Hartzell as part of the clinical team. We appreciate his compassion and expertise in patient care!

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