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Anita Patel, MD - Your Doctor, Your Coach

By: . Jul 2021

Are you looking for a doctor whose mission is for you to live healthy and stay healthy? Look no further and meet Anita Patel, MD. Dr. Patel is board certified in Family Medicine. She practiced in Philadelphia before coming to Brandon where she has been for the past seven years. She has special interest in preventative medicine, woman’s health and, geriatric medicine. Her office is spotless, the staff is friendly, and they provide a number of services under one roof from woman well exams to on-site diabetic classes. 

Besides having an impressive resume as a physician and medical practice, she has something else, exceptional life management skills. “I’m your coach, here to hold your hand, guide you and be with you.” She understands health goes further than just taking control of a medical ailment. She knows that to be truly healthy you have to have joy, balance, and purpose. Her life skills stand out as she passionately explains the importance of balance and learning how to prioritize your self-fulfillment.

You may be wondering what this has to do with being a good doctor. With her well-versed communication skills, Dr. Patel is able to coach people not just on physical care, but finding balance in life so the light they have inside helps them heal in other ways. She doesn’t just take care of you when you are sick, she gives you a beautiful experience to walk away with. She understands how to prioritize life to focus on what really matters. You need to set aside time to relax and do what makes you happy. You need to set aside time to be with people who align with you so you have the support structure that everyone needs. You have to work hard for what’s important but you need to have a healthy way of playing just as hard. This is important for truly being healthy in every aspect of life. “You need all of this to have a positive frame mentally, emotionally and physically.”

It is her personal quest to encourage as many people as possible, something her mother instilled in her at a very young age. Outside of the practice, she likes to combine her healing touch with her passion for food. Cooking for others is her love language. As she pours her heart and soul into creating new recipes, it separates her from all the concerns in the world and helps spread her loving energy. Her eloquent voice, big smile and, impressive cooking skills has many asking her to create educational cooking videos and cookbooks. Maybe someday, but for now Dr. Patel is content to focus her talents on helping others in the office.

If you are Brandon area or know someone who is, and looking for a practice offering not only a friendly environment, professional care, but a doctor who will go above and beyond to encourage you to be healthy in body and mind, please stop in for a visit. Walk-ins are always welcome.

You can visit online at

3427 Brook Crossing Dr. Brandon, FL 33511

Phone # 813-654-5331

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