July 10, 2017

Congratulations to our W.O.W. Award Winners For June. This month we have 8 winners!

Caroline Glinski from Dr. Scunziano’s office

‘I would like to send a WOW nomination for Caroline Glinski. Actually, it is a recognition and thanks for an outstanding service, especially on behalf of two of our patients.
Ms. Caroline Glinski is remarkable for nothing less than the willingness and dedication to service. This outstanding nurse has delivered complete heartfelt service to patients who are in great need of help. She selflessly offers to take on assignments that are challenging and require true compassion and devotion to the cause for the ailing and sick. Her skills in providing rapid access for infusion of medical therapies and offering great comfort in the process are remarkable. A great WOW to a woman of strength and courage to face the painful and harder scenarios whenever she is called to duty!’

Josh Hagen of I.T.

*Josh must be doing something right, as he received 7 nominations! Awesome! *

‘Josh’s ability to listen to, comprehend and follow instructions is above than most others. His dedication level and ability to follow-up leaves me feeling confident in all tasks assigned to him! Josh is a fantastic addition to the IT Staff. He is always willing to jump into any situation. He’s learned very quickly and has taken over all tasks that were assigned to him. Josh is knowledgeable and works well with all customers. The only thing he can do better would be to provide our company with another one of him! He should be cloned!’

Johna Walker from G. Kronenthal’s office

‘Johna is being nominated for always going above & beyond what is expected of her. She is always willing to help out wherever she may be needed or take on any task given to her. Johna always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. There should be more like her! It is a pleasure to work with her!’

Nasar Husain of Quality Dept.

‘Nasar has been a tremendous help in conducting our diabetic eye exams. Almost every single time we send him to perform the retinal scans for patients at events, he receives unprompted compliments from the office and the patients! His bedside manner is compassionate and caring, he makes patients feel comfortable, and he is the epitome of someone who practices patient-centric care. He has conducted every single eye exam event we have held and he does it with the most positive approach always diving in, and he never complains about how far away he has to travel. He attends training to further his knowledge and asks insightful questions during the session. We are so lucky to work with Nasar!
Without him, the eye exams could not happen, especially with the level of detail and compassion he displays!’

Rachael Talien from Referrals

‘Rachael is a great worker, very knowledgeable, will do anything to help out, and if I ask her anything, she will know the answer or find it out for me! She does what is asked of her with ease and carries a lot on her shoulders. She was left in charge when the manager was out and did an outstanding job with very little training! Rachael gets her work done efficiently and is a great asset to the Referrals team! She is one of the hardest workers I have seen in all of Access.’

Catherine Reese of Drs. Rodriguez & Vinje’s office

‘Catherine is our go-to person for HEDIS and records. If there is an eye exam, colonoscopy report or past medical records from previous doctors that we need, she will find & get them! She is truly great at tracking things down and doesn’t stop until she finds what she is looking for! She is a great part of our Access team here at the 401 office.’

Keishla Dones from Credentialing

‘Since Keishla was promoted to Credentialing Coordinator in March of this year, she has never looked back! She is a super quick learner, works very efficiently, welcomes all feedback, and is a joy to work with! Keishla completes tasks faster than I can assign them, and she is always willing to help out when needed. We are so lucky to have her on our Credentialing team!’

Peggy Lodise of Dr. Jude A. Pierre’s office

‘Peggy is always willing to jump in and help with any problem that may arise in the office. She has EXCELLENT patient and customer service skills, and they are always handled with a smile! She goes above & beyond to help her fellow employees out. She is an asset to our office!’

Each winner will receive a $25 gift card and an award certificate.

If your nominee was not randomly chosen as a winner this month, please do not hesitate to submit their name again. Other nominations were received for the following employees: Mary Cooper, Jabar Kachhwaha, Amy Bennett, Marianne Golden, Lisa Pritchard, Kathy Hegyi, Amber Fackler, Jeanine Martin, Toni Baines, Christine Himes, April Reid, Heather Cummings, Justine Sullivan, Christianna Kukich, Dennice Cotter, and Vicky Tyree.

Any Access employee can nominate another employee, as long as the form is signed off by a Physician, Manager, Team Lead or Department Head.

What a great opportunity to say WOW Outstanding Work!

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Our medical services include:

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  • Venous Doppler
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  • Ultrasound
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Anodyne Treatment
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