Access Health Care Physicians Announces Collaboration with ASCLEPES Research Centers

September 7, 2017

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC has announced a collaboration with ASCLEPES Research Centers to develop a seamless referral system for patients to clinical trial research programs. The news featured in Tampa Bay News Wire as well.

The collaboration will allow ACCESS clinicians to view available trials, conditions under investigation, mechanism of action for test medications and basic study information.

“At Access, we are always searching for ways to enhance our treatment choices,” said Dr. Pariksith Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Access Health Care Physicians. “By enabling clinicians to access study information and consultation with research physicians and staff, we are not only helping to raise the options of care available, but doing so in a manner that allows efficient notification of novel therapies being explored through the ASCLEPES’ clinical trials research network.”

ASCLEPES Research Centers conducts inpatient and outpatient research programs in California and Florida.  Their offices/units are staffed by a highly trained and certified team, which includes board-certified physicians in psychiatry and internal medicine, as well as, cardiologist, neurologist, and other specialties. They have over 75 years of collective research experience.

“We are delighted to have entered into this pioneering collaboration with ACCESS Healthcare,” said Dr. Anil Sharma, CEO of ASCLEPES Research Center. “This is an exciting step in establishing the framework for the clinicians to use to improved patient knowledge and choices for research programs.”  Having conducted research for over a decade, they have experienced the reasons patients get involved with clinical trials.

Building on Access Health Care’s legacy as a provider of innovative, world-class medical care, ASCLEPES Research Centers has established Access research locations in Hernando County.  Those locations include:

  • Dan Pulsipher, DO, internal medicine, Alzheimer’s & memory loss; 8425 Balm St., Weeki Wachee, FL 34607 and at 7556 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill 34606;
  • Eyad Alsabbagh, MD, pain and addiction; 12148 Cortez Blvd., Brooksville, FL 34613;
  • Richard Caradonna, MD, (Advanced Cancer Treatment Centers) 11375 Cortez Boulevard, Suite 200, Brooksville, FL 34613 and at 8425 Balm St., Weeki Wachee, FL 34607:
  • Pariksith Singh, MD, 5350 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34506.

“ASCLEPES plans to invest over the next couple of years to further enhance access to leading-edge research programs,” said Tim Welke, COO for ASCELPES Research Centers.  In addition, ASCLEPES Research Centers and their sister company, Alliance for Wellness, looks to add psychiatry services for both medicine and research in the Spring Hill area.

Over the next few months, ASCLEPES will work closely with Access Health Care on developing a seamless workflow for clinicians to be aware of and connect potential patients with ASCLEPES Research programs.”

Possible Benefits to Patients

Taking part in a clinical trial can have many benefits. For example, patients may gain access to new treatments before they’re widely available. If a new treatment is proven to work and you’re in the group getting it, you might be among the first to benefit.

If you’re in a clinical trial and don’t get the new strategy being tested, you may receive the current standard care for your condition. This treatment might be as good as, or better than, the new approach.

You also will have the support of a team of healthcare providers, who will likely monitor your health closely.  You have the chance to play an active role in your own health care and gain a greater understanding of your disease or condition.

In late-phase clinical trials, possible benefits or risks of a treatment can be identified earlier than they would be in general medical practice. This is because late-phase trials have large groups of similar patients taking the same treatment the same way. These patients are closely watched by Data and Safety Monitoring Boards.

Even if you don’t directly benefit from the results of the clinical trial you take part in, the information gathered can help others and add to scientific knowledge. People who take part in clinical trials are vital to the process of improving medical care. Many people volunteer because they want to help others.


Benefits to Access Physicians

Physicians also benefit from participating in a clinical trial. By conducting a clinical trial, doctors can gain a more thorough understanding of the most forward theories and treatments for a particular health condition. All doctors have the best interest of their patients in mind. So, by being a part of a clinical trial, doctors can place themselves at the forefront of medical science to help as many people as possible responsibly.


The name ASCLEPES is a derivative of Asclepius the Greek god of medicine. ASCLEPES Research Centers conducts inpatient and outpatient research programs in California and Florida.  Our offices/unit are staffed by a highly trained and certified team, which includes board-certified physicians in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine, as well as, Cardiologist, Neurologist and other specialties. We have over 75 years of collective research experience.

As a participant in a clinical trial, you are making a substantial contribution to finding new and better ways to help other patients in the future.  In addition, some other benefits of volunteering are:

  • You may benefit from a new and better investigational medication which is not currently available to the public.
  • Any medical exams, tests and/or procedures that you receive during the study will be FREE.
  • You are helping advance medical treatments for others and yourself.
  • You may also receive financial compensation for your time and travel.

All our trial protocols are reviewed and approved by the Independent Review Board and/or the regulatory authority for the country where the trial is conducted.

All clinical trials have guidelines about who can participate. Before joining a clinical trial, a volunteer must qualify for the study. The factors that allow volunteers to participate in a clinical trial are called “inclusion criteria” and the factors that disallow volunteers from participating are called “exclusion criteria.” These criteria may include age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous treatment history, and other medical conditions.

Some research studies seek participants with specific illnesses or conditions to be studied in a clinical trial, while others require healthy participants. Inclusion and exclusion criteria identify appropriate participants, promote participant safety, and ensure that researchers learn the information they need.  All of our trials are carried out by licensed and trained medical professionals.  In addition, trials are performed after the review and approval of an Independent Review Board (IRB), under FDA Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and under the local standard for the practice of medicine in California and Florida.


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