Hurricane Donations for Puerto Rico - By Abdel Jibawi, MD, DABFM &. Mohamed Jibawi, MD

October 10, 2017

Dr. Abdel-Karim Jibawi and Dr. Mohamad Jibawi organized a collection for Hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and are looking forward to continuously support the relief efforts.

They continue to encourage the public to come and donate whatever they can to these locations:

The Main

5350 Spring Hill Drive

Spring Hill, FL 34606


Compliance Department

14690 Spring Hill Drive, Suite 203

Spring Hill, FL 34609


Dr. Abdel believes that, even if they can only help one person, it’s still worth it!  He emphasizes that socially responsible activities should be done out of the purity of your heart, not for attention but just to make a difference. When asked about what motivates him for these efforts, he said: “God puts things in order when you help people, especially the needy, sick, poor and helpless.”

Having gone through the experience of Hurricane Ivan with his family, he knows what it’s like to go through a hurricane. They have lost clothes, a car, and many other valuables.

The Jibawi brothers and their team are asking people to drop off clothing, water, food, and any basic necessities that can help people who lost so much.

They certainly know how to light up faces with joy. They exude kindness and a genuine concern for everyone around them.

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