Quirky, eccentric and deeply caring, this is Dr. Simonne Hammarquist

February 6, 2019

She comfortably cracks jokes and walks around the busy office in her Converse sneakers. Her plants are her pets and she loves her arts, jewelry making, crafts, knitting and music. She finds normal boring and proudly describes herself as eccentric and quirky. From Brooklyn, New York, this is Dr. Simonne Hammarquist.

Dr. Simonne has known since she was ten that she wanted to be a doctor. Always the likely caretaker, her father pointed out her natural gift for it at a young age. What she values the most is when someone tells her how much better she makes them feel. She believes in practicing medicine with a holistic approach, focusing on the whole person. “They have to be mentally feeling well or it will present itself in a negative way. Chest pain, syncope, IBS, etc.” She explains that to get the full understanding of your patient you have to pay attention to everything; their diets, activities, relationships, interactions and family. Spending hours on her patients’ notes, she wants to always be able to recall every detail about any patient she sees because to her, even the smallest details are important. The general feedback she gets from patients is usually them thanking her for her listening ear and her thorough care. Access® proudly welcomes Dr. Simonne and Spring Hill is lucky to have her.

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